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Vaccines, Immunisations and Injections

We offer childhood immunisations including chicken pox HPV vaccination, travel vaccinations and a range of occupational health related vaccines.

If you have any questions about childhood immunisations or would like to enquire about a vaccination which is not listed please contact us.

Please note childhood immunisations with require a separate Doctor Consultation charged in addition to the vaccine charges.

Please contact us for information and to make and appointment.

Immunisation and Vaccine Prices

Chicken Pox (Varicella)

£120 per vaccine
2 doses required

HPV (Male / Female)


Meningitis B

£160 per vaccines
2 doses required

Meningitis ACWY





£90 per vaccine
2 doses required


£100 per vaccine
2 doses required



Rotavirus (Rotarix)




Whooping Cough


Hepatitis A


Hepatitis A and Typhoid


Hepatitis B

£75 per vaccine
3 doses required





Japanese Encephalitis




Tick-Borne Encephalitis




All our injections are given by doctors

Hay Fever Injections (Triamcinolone)


Free second dose after 2-3 weeks if necessary

B12 Injections


Blood test required before treatment

Flu Vaccine

The word flu often gets used when describing cold like symptoms. Genuine flu is markedly more severe and can make you bedbound for up to 1 week.

Sometimes the effect on the immune system and the chest can cause further infections, especially illnesses like pneumonia.

Flu jabs have traditionally been offered to ‘high risk’ groups such as people above 65 and those with underlying medical issues putting them at higher risk, but we have seen it offered more widely following the COVID-19 pandemic.We offer flu vaccines at a time that suits you.

Flu Vaccine


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