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Hypertension blog 2
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7th September 2023 by Dr Alireza Salehzadeh

Discover why ignoring high blood pressure is risky for your health

The human body is a extremely complex with multiple systems working in synergy with one another.  

Blood pressure, or hypertension, can cause damage the system of arteries and veins, the vascular system. The effect can beinsidious, often occurring over a number of years without specific symptoms.  

In this blog post, we are diving into why we should not ignore high blood pressure. We will uncover the importance of understanding blood pressure, keeping a vigilant watch without becoming too fixated on it and the role of regular health checks. The microvascular effects of elevated blood pressure can lead to heart attacks and strokes and well has problems in the back of the eyes (the retina) and the kidneys. There is also increasing evidence that long term elevation of blood pressure in our 50s onwards contributes to the development of dementia at later ages. 

So, let’s explore why safeguarding our blood vessels and maintaining their health is of utmost importance!

Lack of symptoms in the early stages - lack ofnoticeable high blood pressure symptoms

The symptoms of high blood pressure don’t always show obvious signs, so you might not even know it's there! Imagine having a little problem inside that doesn't make you feel sick right away. 

Preventative care is the way forward. Identifying problems at early stages before you have any symptoms, much like screening tests for bowel, breast and cervical cancers. Therefore, even though you might not feel any symptoms, it's still important to have regular health checks.  Our health check packages are designed to offer an overview of your health and different levels of detail but they all look into blood pressure and cardiovascular health status. We keep saying this and are aware it is a cliche, but ‘prevention is better than cure!’. 

Understanding High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)  

Blood pressure consists of two measurements – the systolic (higher) pressure when it pumps, and diastolic (lower) pressure when it rests. 

Blood pressure levels have their own categories:normal, a bit high (elevated), and high (hypertension). Genetics, how you live,and what you eat can mess with this dance.. Junk food, alcohol, sugary snacks and processed foods should be consumed in moderation. Choosing fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains,lean proteins, and staying hydrated with water are great choices to keep your heart happy.

Potential consequences of untreated hypertension 

Hypertension can lead to serious health problems if untreated. It strains the heart, raising the risk of heart attacks and heart failure. Damaged blood vessels in the brain increase the likelihood of stroke. Kidney damage, vision problems, and cognitive decline arealso linked to high blood pressure. 

To minimise the risk of these problems, it's crucial to manage blood pressure through healthy choices, regular check-ups,and necessary treatment. That is why regular health check-ups are so important,along with reporting any symptoms. 


Don't underestimate high blood pressure and the value regular health checks. Please contact us if for further information and to make a booking.
We serve the following areas: Esher, Cobham, Oxshott, Surbiton,Weybridge, Kingston upon Thames, Molesey, Hampton, Twickenham andTeddington.  

💜 We would be happy to help you on your health journey. 

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